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A world-class harmonica virtuoso.

“Those of you who are old enough to remember the harmonica wizardry of Larry Adler, who could make the harmonica sound like a full symphony orchestra, will be delighted to see and hear the harmonica as it is played by Jia-Yi He.  Mr. Jia-Yi He is exceptionally well-known as a performer and you will see why when you view this program.”



“A specially written prayer for harmonica has to be heard to be believed, but one of the most remarkable exhibitions of the play came from a Chinese player, Jia-Yi He.  Boy, could he play! His lips nibbled the instrument like a demented hamster and at such a speed that his jowls wobbled and his eyes went all glassy after each sustained period of puff.”



“Especially noteworthy is the inclusion of Flight of the Bumblebee done at full speed with a symphony orchestra. List members have long requested a version of this particular song and now we finally have a copy. It’s a real showcase of Mr. He’s amazing talent.”


Encyclopedia of the Harmonica

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